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Wine ambassadors

Donna and Aimee

Meet our boutique staff!

At Sandbanks, staff at the tasting room get a lot done. They offer vineyard tours, host groups, keep the boutique beautiful, and, of course, offer wine tastings.

Aimee and Donna are two of the smiling faces you may encounter when you visit the winery.

Donna has been working at Sandbanks since 2014. Growing up in the Ottawa valley, she was drawn to the region by her love of wine. Full of personality and charm, she's guaranteed to impart wisdom and make you laugh every time you talk to her.

She started here on a hunch, answering a job ad that seemed old enough that she should dismiss it. But her gut told her to apply. She hasn't looked back.

Aimee, who grew up in Prince Edward County, returned to the area after she finished school. She wanted to be close to her roots, settle down. She's got a warm smile, and will immediately make you feel like a close friend.

Her first position was temporary, but she liked it here, and the rest of the team didn't particularly want to her go. Today she manages the boutique and its staff.

Both women love the variety their career offers. Discovering wine is an important part of that. They've noted being more in tune with the subtleties in scent, taste and textures of fine wines than they were when they began.

But really, it's the people that make the job great.

Donna can introduce you to our delicious Baco Noir or rosé, and gives excellent tasting notes. But what she loves most is getting to know her customers' stories.

"I like meeting the interesting people that come from afar to visit. They tell you their interesting stories and where they're coming from," she says. "I served this couple that lived in their RV and traveled the world. I really had a great conversation with them. There are so many amazing people you meet, and you have great conversations with people every day."

There are always repeat customers, sometimes neighbours who come in for their wine, sometimes tourists who make a point of coming back every year.

Recently, Donna recalls a man who returned for the first time in many years. He had visited the winery with his wife before the tasting room had even been built. She had since passed away. Visiting the winery brought him joy and bittersweet memories.

"The last time he was here, he was with her, doing the harvest party in 2008. It was hard for him, but it was nice. He was really happy."

Aimee also has fun with her customers, but for her, it's her colleagues who have her looking forward to every new day.

"The staff make it really fun. We’re really lucky to always have a good team. We attract like-minded people! They're always positive, energetic, enthusiastic," She muses. After a busy day, staff members help each other decompress. "Even if it's the craziest day, at least at the end of the day, you can laugh about it. We all do it. We're all in it together."

Come visit the winery and meet Aimee, Donna or one of our other lovely colleagues in the tasting room. We’re looking forward to hearing your stories, or taking you on a wine adventure!